Introducing Custom Exterior Windows With Radiant Heat Glass & Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass

Introducing Custom Exterior Windows With Liquid Crystal Switchable Glass
Garden City Park, NY, 2011 – Elmont Glass Company, a leader in the
liquid crystal switchable glass market, announced that they are providing
New switchable glass  Radiant Heat Glass Units for exterior window applications.  Anodized aluminum commercial
quality frames tested for strength and durability now utilizes the magic of liquid crystal
switchable glass.  In addition to privacy on demand, additional features include low-e and
insulated options for energy savings with UV protection.
“We believe our long standing tradition of excellence and service sent us these clients
who requested custom applications.  The design challenges we faced were complex and
we rose to the challenge,” Glen Greenberg, President of Elmont Glass Company said.
Elmont Glass can create any custom requirement for doors, windows, and sliders –
custom creations being a specialty.  Liquid crystal switchable glass offers privacy when
you need it by switching from clear to opaque at the push of a button or a flip of a switch
– with remote control options available. The electrically controlled switchable glass is
energy efficient and safe (bullet-resistant glass) with many green options forthcoming.
Added benefits include the glass doubling as a projection screen – which offers audible as
well as visual privacy on demand with a variable Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating.
Government, commercial, industry and consumers will benefit with the new variations of
glass are currently being developed to incorporate low-voltage and variable light-control
options (SPD).
Glen Greenberg further states, “we are very pleased with the technology and the
advancements of the switchable glass industry.”
Available in virtually any color, shape, and size, switchable glass can be installed
anywhere glass is needed.  The glass can be insulated and safety tempered for a variety of
uses in commercial applications, including conference rooms, offices, and storefronts.
ABOUT ELMONT GLASS COMPANY: Established in 1949, Elmont Glass Company
has been servicing the New York Metropolitan area and Long Island with all their glass
service needs for 60 years.  Elmont Glass Company manufactures and installs glass,
metals, and plastics.
For more information about liquid crystal switchable glass, or to receive a quote, please
call 516.248.8860 or visit


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