Aspen gets switchable glass with radiant heat

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#Glass that goes #Dark to #Block the #Sun #Variable #Tint #Glass that goes #Dark to #Block the #Sun #Variable #Tint

Elmont Glass Has Variable Tint Glass to Save Money!

Low Electric Charge Changes Glass from Clear to near total Black Out Tint

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Liquid crystal Switchable privacy glass now with radiant heat option

It is totally amazing the way glass and technology has progressed and  now with the  instant privacy on  demand you can have an option for radiant heat glass -Microscopic metal particles so thin they are clear so you can see through them, and then with a small amount of electricity you can generate heat, options include safety and security for visual purity, As well as creature comfort to radiate heat inside of your glass, imagine a 0° day and you can turn your glass to 7080 or 90° it’s truly amazing the future is here. Can be combined with other technologies colors or architectural details including art. More info and contact at 

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A regular Glass & Architectural Metal Company with A passion for AVANT GARDE ,Besides all things Glass & Architectural Metals -We specialize in Custom technology with ART ,Glass & Security applications-with over 65 years of experience in a variety of diverse applications/ Installations ,including cutting Edge, State of the Art , Green / Energy Savings for Almost any Glass, Mirror, Plastic, Architectural Metal type Products- In addition, I have been on Industry Boards, Judged New technology Competitions & been Interviewed,mentioned/ published in articles worldwide . I am a self-motivated, compassionate, & dedicated professional utilizing Solutions- incorporating the latest technology to provide quality, safe $ working applications. My work experience has required me being part of dynamic teams, where I have been able to utilize my strong communication skills to help foster a climate of empowerment in the delivery of Client Required results. Hard to Find Materials experts, we can usually Find, Create or Improvise cost effective results ! A Solutions Provider with Excellence the Target ! Now using Technology to create master works of Glass Art Including for the Grammy Artist Laurence Gartel (google him)- How can we Help you? Have an Idea? Just ask ! We are a Solutions provider like no other! Please google “Elmont Glass Switchable” for more, you wont believe what you will see! -Call me to discuss your glass requirements ! We ARE the Solutions Source !Since 1949 #elmontglass @elmontglass 516 248 8860
Est 1949
Specialties: Custom Glass & Technology Switchable Glass , Radiant Heat Glass , Variable tint Glass , Signal Defense Glass -Green and Energy saving solutions – creative results custom tailored to your needs – Energy – Security – Form – Function- Hard to find glass specialist -Almost anything in Glass ART ,GRAPHICS AND SIGNAGE TOO – Ceramic Frit , Laser Etch , Image Lamination ,Printing on glass and Plastic- Ask Away!

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